This is not just a meal plan. 


Taste test this done for you meal plan designed to meet the microbiome's needs 

After years of treating gastrointestinal concerns, and working through my own gut issues, there are a few things I see, over and over again! 

  • It takes weeks for the microbiome to adapt to new types of fibres and starches
  • ​It takes a year or more to make significant changes to the core microbiome you currently have
  • ​It makes a world of a difference to have a meal plan and guidance to LEARN what eating for the microbiome looks like


  • Its hard to stay consistent through busier seasons but you know you feel best on a whole food, gut focused diet 
  • ​You need some new inspiration to fall back in love with cooking and feeding yourself 
  • You don't have time to organize all your meals AND be intentional about what nutrients you need to begin building a healthy microbiome and gut lining 
  • ​The gut health nerd: theres a lot of bad nutrition advice out there, that makes the question, what am I supposed to eat for optimal gut health? the worlds most confusing question
  • You have food provoked gut symptoms and you want to build a solid foundation to begin making real change to your gut and soothe symptoms 
  • ​You need to understand temporary solutions to get relief from the bloating, gas and indigestion so you can have space to breath and enjoy the season! 


Approval Stamps 

Whats included? 

Four weeks of done for you - meal plans including: nutrition information, recipes, shopping lists 

A bonus guide on my top 5 tips to soothe the gut, if you feel your gut is reacting to any and all foods

A user manual on how to adapt the plan to your needs, including how to micro dose beans

40+ Delicious, Mediterranean style, Whole food focused recipes 

An in depth tutorial on all the microbiome modulating features of the meal plans

The top 3 microbiome facts you need to know to make sense of why the microbiome is so important

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