"Oh gosh.. I have adrenal fatigue??" 
Just kidding... thats not really what was going on, but no one was around to actually explain to me what living off of adrenaline looked like ... and how to STOP.
I want you to know how to nourish your nerves. 

So you can learn from my mistakes! 

To prevent burnout. To pull yourself out of burnout. 
To stabilize your mood. To access long lasting energy. 

To push to reach goals/get through more demanding periods without crashing afterwards.  
This is a THREE DAY training !!!! 
(a mini protocol if you will)
  • Each lesson is 1 hour (some more)
  • We will cover how to protect the body from the physical effects of fried nerves, how to start reversing the effects, how to work within ourselves to prevent doing all the things from burning us out 
  • Lifetime access! 
This method of nourishing nerves has CHANGED MY LIFE, and its too good not to share!

But how do I know if I need this? 

Adrenaline issues can look like

Feeling tired

This is a HALLMARK feature 

Feeling tired is important here. We can feel flat our exhausted where we need a nap OR we can also feel tired but overly alert, so napping feels impossible, and at some point even sleeping starts to deteriorate. 

Feeling tired is also often correlated to a lack of motivation, or where things we used to love start feeling less playful and more like a chore 

Easily agitated/really easy for your cup to overflow

This tends to look like being really reactive to tiny things that don't usually bother you.... but can also feel like a lack of being able to control every tiny inconvenience is going to make you explode 

Physical symptoms 

Low blood sugar - you need to eat every few hours OR ELSE ... you're HANGRY and no one is safe. (I once cried in a grocery store because my boyfriend new I was coming over but didn't have snacks ready for me) 

Difficulty sleeping/reduction in sleep quality 


Cravings for processed carbs 

Decline in libido 

Easily startled 

When your alarm that you knew was going to go off, makes you JUMP... you know you're easily startled

Difficulty focusing 

Getting distracted on your way to do one thing, forgetting about it, and realizing hours later. 

This can also look like really struggling to be in the moment and take things slow. Spending intimate time with a partner for example can start feeling like something we want get over with.

Easily overstimulated in a situation making it difficult to focus on what thing at a time and everything feels scrambled.

Brain fog

Feeling like you cant put together your thoughts, remember important things, or pull the word out you are looking for. Its like feeling your IQ decline out of no where, even though you know the information is in there ... you're just struggling to pull it out!! 

Less empathy 

After a long period of time, we can begin to lose empathy for those around us.

A comment I often hear: I've 100% felt that way in the past...but even though I am doing less, I am still not 100% back to feeling myself 

Doing less, is not the answer
Nourishing your nerves is the answer and I designed this mini protocol for those of you that... 
  • Feel your nerves are fried and you're headed for the burnout tunnel 
  • ​Feel you're already burnt out and want a tactical way of climbing out 
  • ​You are ambitious and you want to keep moving and shaking, but you've been burnt out before by your ambition and you need to tool to be a boss b*tch AND avoid the nervous system collapse
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