Constipation starter pack

Sunday March 24th 

The step by step method I use with my patients to relieve their tense bowels & begin retraining the movement pattern of their gut
no more guessing or stressing 
what is motility?  

motility is simply the movement of the gut 

When the gut moves too fast, you get diarrhea
When the gut moves too slow, you get constipation 

Simple, right? 

I wish. 

Think of motility like a race horse thats standing in the starting gate.

She's ready to run, but there are a few things in her way. 

She's waiting for a kick in the butt to go and for the gate to swing wide open showing theres nothing in her way. 

Motility has triggers ... the kick in the butt 

Motility has gates ... stuff that blocks the movement
Listen to what Rachel has to say!
Lets be real, being constipated sucks 

What is having a clear cut approach worth to you?

marking the beginning of the end of your constipation era


A clear cut understanding of what happens to the gut when its constipated & why it doesn't have a simple solution

How to use a laxative correctly (the only constipation quick fix in existence), laxative safety and why they matter 

All the science backed motility triggers that are within your control and how to restore them

All the potential gates holding motility back 

What progress looks like 

How to track your progress and a worksheet for you to keep! 


The ladies with constipated bowels

The ones that are just starting to try and fix their constipation

The ones that are tired of DIYing their constipation and haven't gotten comprehensive help yet  

The ones that aren't sure if they're supporting motility correctly 

The ones that aren't pooping daily even with a laxative 
Become A Better Pooper - Using Science & Strategy
Get your gut moving, with science backed techniques 

Lifetime access to the method, a clear recipe to assess your gut, identify your trouble areas & track your progress! 

Ditch the random supplements and restrictive diets and try restoring motility the scientific way 
This workshop is built with you in mind 
if you want to have answers surrounding your constipation and know what the heck to do about it!! 
You can sign up today! 
this is your no BS, scientific guide to restoring your motility 
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