Shine baby, shine.

"My nerves are on the burnout train"

"My nerves are fried "

"Im ambitious but I burnout every time I "hustle""

Let me tell you a little something about myself 

There was a time in my life I thought I would never be a functional, happy, playful adult. 

I was cycling through exhaustion where I needed a daily nap and exhaustion where I was so wired I was struggling to get a good nights sleep 

I was cycling through my brain functioning at 1000x speed to feeling like my brain had literally taken a vacation... I was tongue tied, I wasn't quick the punch or even struggled to recognize a clear joke 

The smallest things took me over the edge

I was struggling to understand who I was while my mood was all over the place

I asked for help and...

my bloodwork was normal

my body physically appeared fine  

I was told it was "stress" and "adrenal fatigue" .. so do less, meditate more blah blah blah 

Flash forward to today 

I run a successful business, household, relationships with loved ones, and care for an insanely high energy/demanding dog

I move my body daily (without needing a nap)

I experience joy and playfulness daily 

I enjoy my body and my mind

and I NEVER "meditate" 

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